Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prairie Schooler Desired Charts - Updated June 28, 2011

I've been doing some serious bidding on eBay and I've whittled my original list down considerably, but I finally found a list of the promo cards and I've added those that I'm missing.  Here's what I still need:

Book 50 - Prairie Seasons - Out of Print

Book 59 - Nutcrackers - Out of Print
Book 61 - Garden Alphabet - Out of Print
Book 68 - Animal Alphabet - Out of Print

Book 73 - Christmas Samplers II - Out of Print
Book 82 - Christmas Trees - Out of Print

2008 Limited Edition By The Chimney - Out of Print

Promo Card:  Noel Bookmark (Exclusive for My Heart's Garden)

Promo Card:  Pull Toys
Promo Card:  Amish Baskets Quilt Block (pink and blue)
Promo Card:  Home Sweet Home (Exclusive for Wichelt)
Promo Card:  Two Carnations (Book 35)
Promo Card:  Poinsettia (Book 37)
Promo Card:  Gourds (Book 39)
Promo Card:  Orange Basket (Book 41)
Promo Card:  Sow Dry (Book 45)
Promo Card:  Santa in Canoe (Book 47)
Promo Card:  Four Seasons (Book 50)
Promo Card:  Holy (Book 51)
Promo Card:  Birdhouse (Exclusive for Wichelt)
Promo Card:  Nutcracker (Book 59)
Promo Card:  ABC Bird (Book 61)
Promo Card:  ABC Santa (Book 64)
Promo Card:  Beehive (Exclusive for Wichelt)
Promo Card:  Ho Ho Ho Santa (Book 81)
Promo Card:  American Quilt Blocks (Cross Stitch Hop 2004 from Just Needlin)

Desired Waxing Moon Charts - Updated June 28, 2011

Got some good bargain on eBay recently and managed to pick up a few of my missing charts.  Here's where I stand now:

037 - Holiday Fat Cat

146 - Monthly Sampler Series: August
150 - One Color Wonders: Halloween Fairies
151 - Acorn Halloween
152 - Monthly Sampler Series: October
155 - Monthly Sampler Series: November

SP1 - Snowman's Christmas

SP37 - All Hallows Mini
SP39 - Bunny Egg

Kit3 - You're My Sunshine

Still having a hard time running down the OOP charts and I really need to go ahead and purchase all that are still being published.  If you know of an LNS or ONS who specializes in hard to find patterns, please send them on to me.



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winter / Christmas Wish List - Updated June 28, 2011

Baby's First Christmas - JBW Designs
Reindeer Sampler - JBW Designs
Love and Joy Stockings - JBW Designs
Evergreens - JBW Designs
Let it Snow - JBW Designs
Antique Christmas Trees - JBW Designs
Glad Tidings - JBW Designs
Joy - JBW Designs
Merry Miniatures I - JBW Designs
Merry Miniatures II - JBW Designs
Alphabet Wreath - JBW Designs
Christmas Tree Sampler - JBW Designs
The Sampler Tree - JBW Designs
The Sampler Tree II - JBW Designs
English Plum Pudding - JBW Designs
A Very Merry Winter - JBW Designs
Christmas Trees VI - JBW Designs
Christmas Trees VII - JBW Designs
Christmas Village III - JBW Designs
Christmas Village IV - JBW Designs
The Red Mitten Collection I - JBW Designs
The Red Mitten Collection II - JBW Designs
Red Stocking Collection I - JBW Designs
Red Stocking Collection II - JBW Designs
French Country Christmas Bells - JBW Designs
Christmas Tree - JBW Designs
French Country Ornaments - JBW Designs
French Country Angel - JBW Designs
French Country Mitten - JBW Designs
French Country Petite Stocking - JBW Designs
French Country Reindeer - JBW Designs
French Country Snow Globe- JBW Designs
French Country Stocking - JBW Designs
French Country Wreath - JBW Designs
Jolly Old St Nicholas - JBW Designs (really, really, really want this one)
Tis The Season - JBW Designs
Sweet Nothings for Christmas - JBW Designs
Christmas Keepsakes I - JBW Designs
Christmas Motif Sampler I - JBW Designs
Christmas Motif Sampler II - JBW Designs
Christmas Purse - JBW Designs
A Winter Collection - JBW Designs
A Few Favorites - JBW Designs

Timeless Elegance Ornaments Kit - Dimensions
Victorian Christmas Treasures - Design Connection
Sapphire, Plum, Orchid, Rainbow Teal, and Wisteria Tassel Ornaments - Mill Hill
Snowflake Elegance Ornaments Kit - Dimensions
Sparkling Christmas - Bobbie G Designs
Snowflake - M Designs
Snowed In Kitten Ornament - Dimensions
Snow Friends Ornament Kit - Dimensions
Simply Red Ornaments - Imaginating
Santa With Friends Ornament - Dimensions
Rejoice - Milady's Needle
Quaker Christmas Smalls - Milady's Needle
Majestic Christmas I - Homespun Elegance
Majestic Christmas II - Homespun Elegance
Holiday Angels Ornaments - Vermillion Stitchery
Green Letter Ornaments - Blue Ribbon Designs
Green Angel Ornaments - Twisted Oaks Designs
Fleur de Lis Ornament - Needleart Connection
Faith Hope Love 2007 - Abby Rose Designs
Christmas Wishes I - Blue Ribbon Designs
Christmas Wishes II - Blue Ribbon Designs
Christmas Sentiments Wishes II - Blue Ribbon Designs
Christmas Sentiments Wishes III - Blue Ribbon Designs
Christmas Pinkies and II - My Big Toe
Christmas Ornaments I - Lilibet Designs
Christmas Ornaments II - Lilibet Designs
Christmas Box - Country Garden Stitchery
Christmas Angel Ornaments - Vermillion Stitchery
Christmas 2008 Ornament - Stitch In Time Designs
Candlelit Noel Ornament Kit - Dimensions
Buttoned Christmas Series I - Milady's Needle
Buttoned Christmas Series II - Milady's Needle
Button Up For Christmas I - Victoria Sampler
Button Up For Christmas II - Victoria Sampler
A Sampler's Christmas - Milady's Needle
Personalized Name Ornaments - M Designs
  MacKenzie or Kenzie if too long
  Debbie (my friend - deceased)
  Lucy (my MIL - deceased)
  Frank (my FIL - deceased)
  Ruth (my Mama - deceased)
  Raymond (my Papa - deceased)
  Shirley (my sister - deceased)

Welcome to my Wish List

I've been trying to find some way to save photos of what I want to add to my stash and I think this is is. Nothing is here yet, but give me time and I'll fill it up.