Sunday, March 15, 2009

Desired Waxing Moon Charts - Updated June 28, 2011

Got some good bargain on eBay recently and managed to pick up a few of my missing charts.  Here's where I stand now:

037 - Holiday Fat Cat

146 - Monthly Sampler Series: August
150 - One Color Wonders: Halloween Fairies
151 - Acorn Halloween
152 - Monthly Sampler Series: October
155 - Monthly Sampler Series: November

SP1 - Snowman's Christmas

SP37 - All Hallows Mini
SP39 - Bunny Egg

Kit3 - You're My Sunshine

Still having a hard time running down the OOP charts and I really need to go ahead and purchase all that are still being published.  If you know of an LNS or ONS who specializes in hard to find patterns, please send them on to me.



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