Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winter / Christmas Wish List - Updated June 28, 2011

Baby's First Christmas - JBW Designs
Reindeer Sampler - JBW Designs
Love and Joy Stockings - JBW Designs
Evergreens - JBW Designs
Let it Snow - JBW Designs
Antique Christmas Trees - JBW Designs
Glad Tidings - JBW Designs
Joy - JBW Designs
Merry Miniatures I - JBW Designs
Merry Miniatures II - JBW Designs
Alphabet Wreath - JBW Designs
Christmas Tree Sampler - JBW Designs
The Sampler Tree - JBW Designs
The Sampler Tree II - JBW Designs
English Plum Pudding - JBW Designs
A Very Merry Winter - JBW Designs
Christmas Trees VI - JBW Designs
Christmas Trees VII - JBW Designs
Christmas Village III - JBW Designs
Christmas Village IV - JBW Designs
The Red Mitten Collection I - JBW Designs
The Red Mitten Collection II - JBW Designs
Red Stocking Collection I - JBW Designs
Red Stocking Collection II - JBW Designs
French Country Christmas Bells - JBW Designs
Christmas Tree - JBW Designs
French Country Ornaments - JBW Designs
French Country Angel - JBW Designs
French Country Mitten - JBW Designs
French Country Petite Stocking - JBW Designs
French Country Reindeer - JBW Designs
French Country Snow Globe- JBW Designs
French Country Stocking - JBW Designs
French Country Wreath - JBW Designs
Jolly Old St Nicholas - JBW Designs (really, really, really want this one)
Tis The Season - JBW Designs
Sweet Nothings for Christmas - JBW Designs
Christmas Keepsakes I - JBW Designs
Christmas Motif Sampler I - JBW Designs
Christmas Motif Sampler II - JBW Designs
Christmas Purse - JBW Designs
A Winter Collection - JBW Designs
A Few Favorites - JBW Designs

Timeless Elegance Ornaments Kit - Dimensions
Victorian Christmas Treasures - Design Connection
Sapphire, Plum, Orchid, Rainbow Teal, and Wisteria Tassel Ornaments - Mill Hill
Snowflake Elegance Ornaments Kit - Dimensions
Sparkling Christmas - Bobbie G Designs
Snowflake - M Designs
Snowed In Kitten Ornament - Dimensions
Snow Friends Ornament Kit - Dimensions
Simply Red Ornaments - Imaginating
Santa With Friends Ornament - Dimensions
Rejoice - Milady's Needle
Quaker Christmas Smalls - Milady's Needle
Majestic Christmas I - Homespun Elegance
Majestic Christmas II - Homespun Elegance
Holiday Angels Ornaments - Vermillion Stitchery
Green Letter Ornaments - Blue Ribbon Designs
Green Angel Ornaments - Twisted Oaks Designs
Fleur de Lis Ornament - Needleart Connection
Faith Hope Love 2007 - Abby Rose Designs
Christmas Wishes I - Blue Ribbon Designs
Christmas Wishes II - Blue Ribbon Designs
Christmas Sentiments Wishes II - Blue Ribbon Designs
Christmas Sentiments Wishes III - Blue Ribbon Designs
Christmas Pinkies and II - My Big Toe
Christmas Ornaments I - Lilibet Designs
Christmas Ornaments II - Lilibet Designs
Christmas Box - Country Garden Stitchery
Christmas Angel Ornaments - Vermillion Stitchery
Christmas 2008 Ornament - Stitch In Time Designs
Candlelit Noel Ornament Kit - Dimensions
Buttoned Christmas Series I - Milady's Needle
Buttoned Christmas Series II - Milady's Needle
Button Up For Christmas I - Victoria Sampler
Button Up For Christmas II - Victoria Sampler
A Sampler's Christmas - Milady's Needle
Personalized Name Ornaments - M Designs
  MacKenzie or Kenzie if too long
  Debbie (my friend - deceased)
  Lucy (my MIL - deceased)
  Frank (my FIL - deceased)
  Ruth (my Mama - deceased)
  Raymond (my Papa - deceased)
  Shirley (my sister - deceased)

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  1. Wow! Great wish list, Debra.

    I had not realized that M Designs did names, too. I have several of their charts with words. Now, I'll have to keep an eye out for "Wanda". I'll bet they already have "John", do they?